Commercial Litigation

Insurance Related

The Gaddis Law Firm litigates suits that are brought by and against insurance agencies and their employees that arise due to a disagreement over non-competition agreements in a producer agreement.  These disputes can arise when an employee leaves his or her employer and joins another agency and thereafter starts soliciting and writing business for customers that were formerly customers of the employee’s prior employer.  In addition, The Gaddis Law Firm litigates tortious interference suits that arise between two insurance agencies over the agency’s right to encourage an employee to leave the other agency and bring that employee’s “book of business” when joining the employment of that other insurance agency.

The Gaddis Law Firm also litigates cases where two agencies get into litigation over business matters such as suits stemming from the sale of an agency or a “book of business.”  The Gaddis Law Firm also litigates suits that arise between an agency and a premium finance company over alleged debt created as a result of a policyholder not fulfilling its obligation under a premium note.  The Gaddis Law Firm also litigates business suits arising either between an agency and an insurer or an agency and a policyholder over a premium.

gavelOther Businesses

In the business world there are untold number of transactions every day where one business purchases a good or service from another business.  And, a certain percentage of those business transactions end up in disagreements and often in litigation.  The Gaddis Law Firm litigates business to business litigation both in State Court and Federal Court.

The nature of those suits can involve the alleged failure of a product to meet the specifications, including product liability suits.  Or, there can be a disagreement over a contractor or subcontractor’s work meeting the appropriate standards of materials and workmanship of the construction industry.  In still other cases, a disagreement may arise over the agreed consideration and how it is to be calculated.  All of these are cases litigated by The Gaddis Law Firm.

Remedies Litigated

The remedies sought include, but are not limited to, Temporary Restraining Orders, Temporary Injunctions, Permanent Injunctions, Declaratory Judgments, actual monetary damages (both statutory and common law), exemplary damages, statutory additional damages under the applicable Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Insurance Code, attorneys fees, Court costs and interest, just to name a few.

In addition The Gaddis Law Firm litigates post-judgment remedies to enforce the collection of money Judgments, such as Writ of Execution and Garnishment.  In addition The Gaddis Law Firm litigates enforcement of injunctive relief through fines and incarceration as well as other remedies available to the Court, depending on the nature of the violation.