Policy Consulting & Negotiation

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The Gaddis Law Firm helps clients assess the extent of insurance coverage on policies they hold.  In some cases, this is following an incident where the client is trying to assess whether any of the policies they hold cover losses caused by the incident.  In some cases the policyholder may have a single policy they are inquiring about.  And in other cases, the client may have multiple policies and be trying to assess which policy(ies) would be the correct policy(ies) to assert the claim under.  The Gaddis Law Firm provides counseling and opinions to clients under these circumstances and also provide assistance in providing proper claim notice to the appropriate insurers.

Transferring Risk of Future Losses

In other cases, clients engage The Gaddis Law Firm to assist them in interpreting and negotiating their insurance policies language where there no loss has occurred.  This most often occurs in one of two circumstances.  One circumstance is where the insurance coverage needs to be broadened as a gap in coverage has been discovered by the client.  The other circumstance is where the business has either expanded its operations into an area of work that had not previously been covered.  In that circumstance the client engages Gaddis & Associates to provide opinions on policy language that is offered by insurers and agents as to whether or not the proposed language will, indeed, cover the new exposure created by the new operations.  And in some number of instances the client engages Gaddis & Associates to negotiate the policy language.

In addition to the above, The Gaddis Law Firm is engaged on a wide variety of circumstances to interpret policy language for businesses as the client tries to maintain policies that cover their known risks.  This is often where the client has secured quotes from multiple insurers, or agents, and is attempting to assess which proposed language extends coverage to the full extent that they need